The Salt, by Quique Dacosta



The Salt is a video inspired by an ancestral product that has become a fundamental pillar of Quique Dacosta Restaurante's innovation. The team spent several years on this line of research, but this upcoming seasonthey bring it to the forefront, in all its finality.

They have been working on salted dishes, contributing their perspective, code and personal feeling. They have researched and created based on what was already in existence, with its historical and anthropological weight. But the team changed all the pre-established parameters, using salt as a way to cook, instead of using it as a preservation technique.

This season, Quique's team designed a salt tunnel. They simulate a saline atmosphere at 3 degrees, where the products do not enter into direct contact with the salt. The current cooks them, without transforming them. Thus, they regard salted dishes through an evolutionary prism.

An evolutionary attitude, where they feel proud of the territory they call home, their philosophy in the kitchen. Innovation is their attitude, what moves them and creates novel products, year after year.

Quique believes in evolution in every sense of the word: in the evolution of thought, of cuisine, or art, of technology and of science. Creation is a part of evolution.

He also firmly believes in the origin of things. History's legacy, and how it has marked us, and how it marks our evolution. We are the origin, and at the same time, the evolution.

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