Winners past editions

We are proud to present you the winners of the Culinary Innovators Awards of the previous years:

Gault&Millau Culinary Innovators Awards 2024:

  • Sustainability award: Table Terroir
  • Product award food & drinks: Buloo
  • Product award non-food: Sunny Pocket
  • Social & humand leadership award: Lizette & Lucien
  • Restaurant philosophy award: Toma
  • Digital & Social Media award: Pastology
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Dimitri Beckers

Gault&Millau Culinary Innovators Awards 2023:

  • Sustainability award: Entropy
  • Product award food: NorthSeaChefs & Revi Fumets 
  • Product award food: Koji Enterprises Garums 
  • Social award: Pastati & Aarova
  • Restaurant philosophy award: Hors-Champs
  • Digital & Social Media award: Sam D’Huyvetter
  • Institution award: Manger Demain
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Bart De Pooter

Edition 2022:

  • "Entrepreneur of the Year": Sergio Herman 
  • “Education award”: Instroom Academy by Seppe Nobels
  • "Institution award": CropExplore
  • “Product award - Food”: Crème Brûlée Vegan & Without Added Sugars by Didess
  • “Product award - Drinks”:  Vir/gin by blendbrothers bag-in-box -  
  • “Product award - Non-food”: Plant-T"Marketing/Promotion award": GIMBER
  • “Sustainability award”: Humus x Hortense
  • “Restaurant philosophy award”: Instroom Academy by Seppe Nobels
  • "Digital & social media award": Restaurant Boury

Edition 2019:

  • “Entrepreneur of the Year”: Serge Litvine
  • “Education award”: Horeca Vorming Vlaanderen 
  • “Institution award” (2 winners): Icare4-Food 
  • HiFoodTec 
  • “Event award”: ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2019 
  • “Product award”: The Squeezer by HVD 
  • “Marketing/Promotion award”: Chocolate Nation 
  • “Sustainability award”: Foodsavers 
  • “Restaurant Philosophy”: Willem Hiele 
  • “Digital award”: Too Good To Go 

Edition 2018:

  • “Entrepreneur of the Year": Luc De Laet (De Laet & Van Haver ‘Butcher’s Craft’)
  • “Education award”: Het bord van morgen (De Tijd en VRT NWS) 
  • "Institution or Service award": NorthSeaChefs
  • “Events award”: FoodParadiseDay
  • “Product award”:
  • “Marketing/Promotion award”: RUBY RB1 (Barry Callebaut)
  • “Sustainability award”: Eatmosphere
  • “Restaurant philosophy award”: René Mathieu met Restaurant La Distillerie
  • “Digital award”: Foodpairing

Edition 2017:

“Entrepreneur of the Year”: David Martin:
“Education award”: Proef:
“Institution or Service award”: Tripping Chefs:
“Events award”: We can dance:
“Product award”: Tempcontrol:
“Marketing/Promotion award”: Jong Keukengeweld:
“Sustainability award”: Foodwin:
“Restaurant’s Philosophy award”: L’Air du temps:
“Digital Award award”: Are They Happy:

Edition 2016:

“The Culinary Innovator of the Year”: R&D Food Revolution –
“Education award”: Master in Food Design –
“Institution or Service award”: Smart Gastronomy Lab –
“Events award”: Tomorrowland –
“Product award”: Urban Crops –
“Marketing/Promotion award”: Apicbase –
“Sustainability award”: NorthSeaChefs –
“Restaurant’s Philosophy award”: Hertog Jan –

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