Chefs Series:
Peter Goossens & Culinary Innovation

4 févr. 2018

“ Innovation doesn’t exist without tradition ” 1. My definition of Culinary Innovation today:

Creativity with respect for produce and season, emphasized by taste.

2. My translation of Culinary Innovation in my restaurant:

Local produce added with touches of other cultures.

3. The biggest Culinary Innovator in the world:

Auguste Escoffier.

4. My inspiration for innovation:

To add the nature and touches of other cultures to our gastronomy without losing the individual character of our own culture.

5. Innovation or tradition (or both):

Innovation doesn’t exist without tradition, so both.

6. The most innovate dish, preparation or product you tasted:

Japanese sea urchin.

7. The most innovative dish or preparation you created:

There are so many! Seabass marinated in miso (traditional Japanese seasoning), smoked eel, hijiki (Japanese seaweed), quinoa and sorbet of sorrel, ponzu (citrus-based sauce used in Japanese cuisine) vinaigrette.

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