Culinary Innovators 2022:
The Menu

23 mai 2022

On Monday 16 May the 5th edition of Culinary Innovators took place in Kemzeke. During this event, more than 20 top chefs and event partners surprised the 550 attendees with an innovative culinary spectacle of the highest level.
Below you can discover the delicious dishes and drinks that were served at the event.

First Act – Entrance Experience
Trick tree and sweet potato ketchup by René Mathieu
(La Distillerie, Gault&Millau Luxembourg “Chef of the Year” 2021)

Wild mustard rice tile, Luxembourgish trout marinated in miso by Ryodo Kajiwara
(Ryôdo, Gault&Millau Luxembourg “Chef of the Year” 2022)

Organic carrot, Luxembourgish pulled pork, condiment salad and cumin by Cyril Molard
(Ma Langue Sourit, Gault&Millau Luxembourg “Chef of the Year” 2020)

Second Act – Beach Experience
Joka & Bridor presented: Contador Academy paired with Bridor “La Maison Lenôtre” breads

Appetiser with exclusive PDO PGI European Charcuterie
By Alessandro Ciriello (L’Horizon) and “Enjoy the Authentic Joy”

Krijn Verwijs & Gault&Millau la Zélandaise oyster, leek, eel, plankton and Imperial Heritage Caviar “Umi”
By Syrco Bakker (Restaurant Pure C, Gault&Millau The Netherlands “Chef of the Year” 2022)
Paired with Hierbas de las Dunas, Sea fennel, Amalfi lemon

Walking Degustation “Krijn Verwijs & Gault&Millau la Zélandaise oyster” by Krijn Verwijs

Lacquered pork cheek terrine with wild garlic and langoustine
By Tom Vermeiren (Restaurant Wilford T, Temse)
Powered by Davigel
Beer pairing with Tripel Karmeliet

Zeeland green asparagus, airy mousseline BBQ, lovage
By blendbrothers & METRO

Asperge Brutal with teardrop peas & kingfish bacon
By Michael van der Kroft (Tres, Gault&Millau The Netherlands “Discovery of the Year” 2022) & Bruno Timperman (Bruut, Gault&Millau Belgium “Vegetable dish” 2021 - Gault&Millau Belgium “Gastro-Bistro” 2018)

Third Act – Art Walk
The Accused: Beetroot waffle with black pudding & apple
by Martijn Defauw (Rebelle, Gault&Millau Belgium “Young Chef of the Year” for Flanders 2022)

Fourt Act – Table Experience
Crudo Gambero Rosso, watermelon, Zeeland asparagus, oil of roasted seaweed & kaffir lime, Imperial Heritage Caviar “Oscietra”
By Sergio Herman (Sergio Herman Group)

Krijn Verwijs & Gault&Millau la Zélandaise oyster, Beurre Blanc ice cream, salikornia, oyster sauce, Imperial Heritage Caviar “Trésor”
By Hans Neuner (Ocean Restaurant, Algarve, Portugal)
Edible oyster shell created by Moldbrothers

“Prestige Rolls” bread by Bridor
Spices by Verstegen
Butter by Corman
Sixth Act – Terrace Experience
Superhero: Grilled asparagus by Paul Uytderwilligen, East-Flemish yogurt, tahina, chickpea, hazelnut butter, almond, herb salad by Bart Belmans, crispy Flemish spelt
by Seppe Nobels & Instroom Academy (Restaurant Instroom Academy)
Paired with Duvel 666

North Sea Crisp & Fish
by NorthSeaChefs

Red tuna and Wagyu, yuzu oxtail broth, kalamansi gel, broad beans and peas, young shoots
by JRE

The Art of Carima: Grilled green lemon with Carima Bavette Tartare & Dada Chapel Potato Vodka Shot
Marbled painting of the Carima loin (open fire grilled) charcoal grilled carrots – sweet point bell pepper & chickpea cream – chorizo – harissa
By Chefs Luc De Laet (Butcher’s Store) & Jules Koninckx (Maven)

Seventh Act – Cheese and Dessert Experience
A fresh interpretation of Savoyard with Belgian cheese and Dada Chapel Aged Brhum
By Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht and Sander Van de Walle (Caillou)

Yogurt Taco & Yogurt Crème Brûlée
By Didess, New Tex by Didess & Food Revolution by Didess

Praline of roasted hazelnut & passion fruit
By Neuhaus and Thierry Theys (Nuance, Gault&Millau Belgium “Chef of the Year” 2022)
A great pairing with your Nespresso premium coffee.

High-end beverages that were available during the evening

  • Schweppes & GRIT Beverages Premium Cocktail bar
  • Beer & Water Bar
  • Carlsberg & Carlsberg 0.0%
  • Duvel
  • Karmeliet
  • Badoit
  • Evian
  • Cinoco Cocktail & Wine Bar
  • Angostura Rums, Bitters & Amaro
  • Mouton Cadet Bio Rosé 2021 by Cinoco
  • GIMBER Organic Ginger Concentrate
  • Vir/Gin by blendbrothers Premium low & no, bag-in-box cocktails
  • Duvel on Tap
  • Kickstart ginger tumeric powershot by Verstegen spices & sauces
  • Champagne Taittinger Brut Réserve & Domaine de l’Ile BIO, Côtes de Provence (à Porquerolles) – Maison CHANEL by VA.S.CO
  • Premium Cocktails by GRIT Beverages / Gin Mare and Schweppes
  • Beer and Food pairing by Tripel Karmeliet
  • Organic Ginger Concentrate by GIMBER
  • Premium selection ‘Vins de Bordeaux’ served at the table:
    • White Wine: Château Lamothe-Bouscaut Blanc 2018 Pessac-Léognan by VA.S.CO
    • Red Wine: La Réserve de Malartic Rouge 2017 Pessac-Léognan by Château Malartic-Lagravière
  • The fine bubbles experience by Badoit
  • Tasting ‘Vins de Bordeaux’ at the Bordeaux Wine Bar. Discover and enjoy a great selection of Bordeaux wines. This selection was made by a group of prominent Belgian sommeliers. Enjoy!

Thank you to all contributors for making this event exceptional. Without you, there would not be innovation!

  • Sergio Herman (Sergio Herman Group)
  • Hans Neuner (Ocean, Portugal)
  • Syrco Bakker (Pure C, NL)
  • Cyril Molard (Ma Langue Sourit, LUX)
  • René Mathieu (La Distillerie, LUX)
  • Ryodo Kajiwara (Ryôdô, LUX)
  • Alessandro Ciriello (L’Horizon, BE)
  • Seppe Nobels & Instroom Academy (BE)
  • Tom Vermeiren (Wilford T, BE)
  • Michael van der Kroft (Tres, NL)
  • Bruno Timperman (Bruut, BE)
  • Martijn Defauw (Rebelle, BE)
  • Sander Van de Walle (Caillou, BE)
  • Blendbrothers (NL)
  • NorthSeaChefs
  • JRE
  • Didess & Food Revolution by Didess
  • The Butcher’s Store
  • Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht
  • Gourmet Invent: Kevin Teugels & team
  • Hels

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