Culinary Innovators 2023 - The Menu

17 mai 2023

On Monday 8th May the 6th edition of Culinary Innovators took place in Kemzeke. During this event, more than 20 top chefs and event partners surprised the 560 attendees with an innovative culinary spectacle of the highest level.
Below you can discover the delicious dishes and drinks that were served at the event.

First Terra - Entrance Experience
Vegetable Garden
by Didess

Second Terra - A Taste of Haspengouw
Watercress from Lauw, pig’s head, cave mushroom and La Cress
by Jo Grootaers (Alter, Tongeren)

Tartelette with a mousse of grey shrimp, finished with apple and elderflower
by Celine Bleys (NYDE, Borgloon)

Mini Tosti, eel in green, green asparagus, green sumac emulsion and afilla cress
by Ayt Ems (Blanc by Aytems, Sint-Truiden)

Third Terra - Beach Experience
Joka presents: JOKA Cortador Academy

Goat cheese ’t Leenhof, carpaccio pineapple tomato, vinaigrette watermelon and shiso
by Ken Verschueren (Tinèlle) and Van Tricht

Tartare of veal with smoked beurre blanc, green asparagus and salsify
by Dennis Broeckx (l’épicerie du Cirque) and Sysco

Flavours of Veerse Meer ‘Bouillabaisse’
by Thijs Meliefste (Meliefste, NL)

The Pure Soil
Eel, Elle & Vire sour cream, soil and aspargus
by Roger van Damme (Het Gebaar) and Elle&Vire Professionnel

Fourth Terra - Art Walk
La Zélandaise Oyster
by Gault&Millau & Premier Seafarmers

Fifth Terra - Table Experience
Imperial Heritage Caviar, Toro, Fermented tomato & Ajo blanco
by Viki Geunes (Zilte)

Wagyu from Guy Vanhoof and Temple greens
by Sang-Hoon Degeimbre (L’air du temps)

Seventh Terra - Terrace Experience
Asparagus from head to skin, roasted malt & smoked juice
by Stefan Jacobs (Hors-Champs)

Squid Game
by NorthSeaChefs

When vegetables do their gardening...
by JRE & Sligro Food Group Belgium

De Laet & Van Haver presents Enigma and Tierra del Fuego
by Chefs Luc De Laet (Butcher’s Store) & Jules Koninckx (Maven)

Eighth Terra - Dessert Experience
By Didess

New Irrésistible: Frisson
by Neuhaus

High-end beverages that were available during the evening

  • Taittinger Champagne Bar by VA.S.CO
  • Duvel Beer experience
  • Exclusive wines from ‘Vins de Bordeaux’, Cinoco, Le Wine, VA.S.CO, L’air du temps, Zenato and Château Malartic-Lagravière.
  • Saké by Swaffou
  • Water experience by Evian
  • Tripel Karmeliet Beer Pairing & Degustation
  • Mocktails by Botaniets
  • GRIT Beverages Cocktail Bar
  • Schweppes Cocktail Bar
  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label
  • Coffee and tea experience by Rombouts
  • Wines and waters served in premium glassware by Riedel

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